Friday, June 22, 2012

Gas Prices May Fall Below $3, Loan Modification Trouble, Adorable Dogs At Work And More

Friday, June 22, 2012
Have drivers seen the worst? Analysts say the latest oil prices indicate that gas prices may settle below $3 by the fall.

With gas prices down 6 percent in the last month alone and down $0.49 since prices hit their peak in April, oil speculators like Tom Kloza expect to see the trend continue. "The market is suggesting gas below $3 by Halloween and certainly by Thanksgiving," he told USA Today.
GM Recalls Half A Million Cars
Homeowners That Get A Loan Mod Are Still In Trouble
The Health Care System Is Failing The Sick And The Supreme Court Could Make It Worse
WOW: Diamond Ring Found In Thrift Store Pants
LOOK: Adorable Dogs At Work
BLOG POSTS 4 Surprising Things That Will Affect Your Credit
Learning the rules of credit isn't always as straightforward as you might think. Sometimes, doing something you might think would be great for your credit score can actually have an unintentional negative impact.
Adam Levin: NOBAR: Could It End the Credit Gap and Get Banks Lending Again?
I propose the creation of a new banking industry initiative called NOBAR (Nonstandard Borrowers Alternative Resource). Its mission is to help responsible individuals with bad credit scores -- where reasonable and appropriate -- secure a new mortgage or refi.
Dr. Behzad Mohit: The Supreme Court Knows Best -- or Does It?
It may be years before the rift in the Supreme Court is healed and legitimacy is restored. We cannot wait. We have to act to establish a system that works for people, not vested interests.
The Brennan Center for Justice: Not Buying Senator McConnell's Position on Disclosure
It is too easy for anonymous speakers to tear down their political opponents using false or misleading information. Disclosure ensures that political speakers must stand by their claims and engage in true debate.
Women & Co: Renting Your Road Trip: Tips to Quick Car Rentals
Renting can be an option this summer when you're ready to hit the open road, as long as you keep a few points in mind.

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