Friday, June 22, 2012

Debate Over Fire Retardant Toxicity Rages In West

Friday, June 22, 2012
CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Forest Service officials insist firefighting won't be hindered by new rules meant to prevent millions of gallons of retardant dropped onto scorched landscapes each year from poisoning streams and killing fish and plants.
California To See 6-Inch Sea Level Rise By 2030, Report Claims
Last Country In The Americas Bans Shark Finning
Problematic NC Bill On Sea Level Rise Gets A Do-Over
How Big Will The Gulf's Dead Zone Get This Year?
Ranger Dies While Rescuing Mount Rainier Climbers
Neil Wagner: No Break in the Breaking News That Our Climate Is Breaking
These are the best of times and the worst of times for the climate change cartoonist field. On the plus side, there is no problem coming up with new ideas. On the down side, there are new, horrifying climate findings being reported every day.
Rabbi David Saperstein: A Strong Jewish Voice for Effective Carbon Limits
We are confronted by the fact the Earth is changing before us, and the resources we enjoy today -- clean, breathable air, a stable climate -- will not be here forever unless we act now. The choice is clear, and the time is now.
Elliott Negin: Wasting Time With Nuclear Waste
Haste makes waste--unless you're talking about nuclear power. In that case, delay makes waste--tens of thousands of tons of it.
Muhammad Yunus: Africa After Rio 20
Africa is forecast to be the continent worst hit by climate change. Increasing harvests and food production in these challenging circumstances requires a major commitment, by governments within and outside the continent, to fund a climate-resilient Green Revolution in Africa.
Carl Pope: Rio Minus: The End of Post Cold-War Treaty Making?
Already low expectations for the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference of the United Nations fell through the ocean floor in the last several days. The mood here is as gray as the Brazilian winter. People are taking to calling this "Rio -", not "Rio+."

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