Friday, June 22, 2012

'Tiddie Biddies,' Krugman On Europe, Stock Exchange Overload And More

Friday, June 22, 2012
Guys, if you want to pass some insider "tiddie biddies" about major companies along to your friends you probably shouldn't do it in writing.

David Loeb, a current Goldman Sachs managing director, exchanged emails with Raj Rajaratnam that included what he described as "tiddie biddies" about Apple, Intel and other technology companies, the Wall Street Journal reports.
How The Supreme Court Could Make One Woman's Life Way Worse
Senator: IRS Whistleblower Problem Has Been Inexcusably Bad
Paul Krugman: Solving Europe's Crisis 'Is Not Going To Be About Punishing The Guilty'
Judge To SEC: 'Little Wonder' People Think You're Weak
Are There Too Many Stock Exchanges?
Jared Bernstein: Learning to See Brown Shoots Instead of Green Ones
For years now, economic forecasters have continuously predicted recovery, gotten a spate of bad news, and pushed their recovery prediction out a few quarters. The problem is structural, i.e., it's in the models.
Emmet Oliver: Ireland Is Not Greece and Greece Is Not Ireland as European Crisis Rumbles On
Americans must wonder how a faltering economy in Greece (population: approximately 11 million) can cause a rupture in the entire economic foundation of the eurozone, which is supported by a population of 332 million. Don't worry, we all ask ourselves this question from time to time.
Paul Rieckhoff: Solving the Riddle of Veteran Unemployment
As Americans make their July 4th plans, it's time to change the dialogue about our nation's newest veterans.
Adam Levin: NOBAR: Could It End the Credit Gap and Get Banks Lending Again?
I propose the creation of a new banking industry initiative called NOBAR (Nonstandard Borrowers Alternative Resource). Its mission is to help responsible individuals with bad credit scores -- where reasonable and appropriate -- secure a new mortgage or refi.
Stephen Herrington: Why Reaganomics Fails -- Succinctly

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