Friday, June 22, 2012

51 Things More Interesting Than Mitt Romney

Friday, June 22, 2012
Let's just face it, you guys. No matter what your political affiliation, we can pretty much all agree that Mitt Romney is boring. To be fair, we've all been hoping to see something - anything - over this never-ending primary election to indicate otherwise. But, it's time we all came to terms with the fact that this year's GOP presidential candidate just isn't that interesting.
WATCH: Colbert Threatens To Cut Off Ties With Sweden
WATCH: Fallon And Bieber Battle It Out
Cats vs. Kittens: The Ultimate Showdown
WATCH: Stewart Takes On 'Fast & Furious' Hypocrisy
WATCH: Bad News For Obama
Rick Mele: Fact vs. Fiction, According to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Despite a few obvious liberties, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter claims to play its history relatively straight (apart from the central premise that slavery was a cover for widespread vampirism, that is). So, as a public service to history students everywhere, I attempted to separate fact from fiction, at least according to the historical horror mash-up.
Melanie Deziel: Lessons My First Place Taught Me
When I heard that there are some hard lessons you just can't prepare for when you get your first place, I took it as a challenge. But there are some things that the only real way to prepare is to be prepared to learn.
Jamie Denbo: Funny Men Are from Mars, Funny Women Are From Someplace Better
What self-respecting woman really, truly wants to compete for hours on end with smart-ass cynics sporting obscure band tee-shirts and Galifanakabeards, all too terrified to laugh out loud at each other?
Judy Silk: A College Chick Returns to the Nest: One Year Down, Three More to Go
My daughter's first year of college yielded some valuable lessons -- for both of us.
Ali MacLean: Digging for Gold
I'm not saying my little gold shovel hasn't left a trail of hearts and a bursting bank account. I do have tens of dollars in profit. I just think there might be room for improvement.

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