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Busted Coverage: Booze, Ladies And Football: “Stacy Keibler Refutes Pregnancy Rumors In Best Way Possible” plus 9 more

Busted Coverage: Booze, Ladies And Football: “Stacy Keibler Refutes Pregnancy Rumors In Best Way Possible” plus 9 more

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Stacy Keibler Refutes Pregnancy Rumors In Best Way Possible

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 09:25 AM PDT

Growing up (and still being) a huge wrestling nerd, Stacy Keibler has always had a special place in my heart. It was her walk, her ring entrance, her legs. Everything about this blonde bombshell screams sex appeal. Some rumors began swirling earlier in the week that bummed us out…rumors that Stacy was (gulp) pregnant. BC was unimpressed with the possibility of seeing that body change in any way, but Stacy did her thing to let the world know the truth.

The photo below (via was taken outside one of George Clooney’s homes in Italy and Keibler is sporting what appears to be an early pregnancy belly. It definitely looks pretty suspect, see for yourself:

Clearly it looks like something is brewing, but Stacy hastily responded with her newly created Instagram account. She wanted to show the world that there is no reason whatsoever for any pregnancy rumors. To celebrate George Clooney not knocking up Stacy, we have 36 of her sexiest photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with some great pics of this former WWE Diva.

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24 Hilarious NSFW LeBron Haters Ripping The King’s First Ring Tweets

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 08:25 AM PDT

You knew it was coming. The LeBron haters were going to be in full force after his NBA Finals victory and they took to Twitter to alleviate their frustrations. When is this over-the-top hatred for BronBron going to stop? It’s no surprise that we’re not the biggest fans of LeBron at BC, but we aren’t out there wishing death upon him. These people need to come down to earth and realize that the best player in the NBA was bound to get a title one day. Read on for some of the most vicious/funny/inappropriate tweets to The King.

Is the city of Cleveland ever going to let bygones be bygones? Judging by some of these tweets it doesn’t appear that will be happening any time soon.

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2012 Hooters Miss International Pageant Primer [68 PHOTOS]

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 07:46 AM PDT

Nothing to do Saturday night? Take your remote, turn it to FX at 10 p.m. and watch the 2012 Hooters Miss International competition. Thank us later. Fort Lauderdale native Lindsey Way, Miss International 2011, will give up her crown to another waitress turned model with aspirations of traveling the world as Miss Hooters. Dreams do come true, ladies. One minute you’re serving wings to fat dudes, the next minute you’re dating Wes Welker.

Miss Hooters International 2005, Anna Burns, will be marrying Welker this weekend so she’ll be missing the competition. But this is exactly the kind of lifestyle the 2012 winner should expect. Carrying a tray of Jager Bombs can be over by late Saturday.

Need a feel good story to suck you into the pageant coverage? How about the story of one waitress, Tiffany Marie Saint, being inspired by a little girl with cancer. 

Even though Alabama 4-year old Brynn had no hair, an external bladder and was in remission from cancer, when she visited Saint's Hooters restaurant in Humble in 2010, the waitress was blown away by Brynn's positive outlook and infectious smile.

It was through this little girl that Saint found the courage to follow her dreams and compete against 18,000 Hooters waitresses to make the top 10 for the 16th annual Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant in Miami June 23.

"Brynn changed my life. After they visited my restaurant, I knew I had to contact them, so I tracked them down on Facebook. Her mom gave me the approval to contact Brynn and forge ahead with a friendship," Saint said in a phone interview.

Of course that’s enough for us to root for Saint and watch 101 Hooters Girl contestants battle it out to win $50,000 and be crowned Miss Hooters International 2012.

At least set the DVR.

[Miss Hooters International  |  FX  |  Saturday, 10 p.m. EST]

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Gambling Site Turns BC’s Heat Club LIV $147,000 Bar Tab OVER/Under Tweet Into Live Bet!

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 06:40 AM PDT

Nope, never thought we’d be setting Miami Heat championship bar tab gambling lines, but that’s exactly what happened last night on Twitter. A simple tweet suggesting the Heat would ring up at least a $147,000 bar tab at Club LIV turned into an actual bet thanks to our friends at

Still not following @bustedcoverage? You guys are missing all the fun.

The bet has now been taken down by Sports Interaction for obvious reasons, but there it was for a few hours last night waiting for action.

Our line of $147,000 came from a couple different thought processes. You might remember the Dallas Mavericks ran up the now infamous $110,000 bar tab via a giant bottle of Ace of Spades.  Then you have the Boston Bruins pulling a similar stunt with the Ace of Spades and racking up a $156,000 tab. 

So the Heat would go over both of those numbers because they cliched the title at home, they went straight to LIV, etc.

That’s obviously the OVER play. But the UNDER play rests on the theory that LeBron & D. Wade don’t drink (not like Dirk or hockey players) so there’s no real reason to bust out some crazy Ace of Spades. Hence the $147,000 figure. Seemed like a nice number to rest on. Little did we know that tweet would turn into a story.

Setting a NBA championship prop betting line is one of our prouder moments. reported this morning that early bets were on the OVER. One thing to remember on this line, tax & gratuity was not included in the bet.

Have photographic evidence of the Miami Heat bar tab that we need to see? Send it in and make Sports Interaction pay up.

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Looks Like #TeamBJNBA Will Stay True To Their Word, Free BJs For Followers!

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 06:39 AM PDT

The Miami Heat won. LeBron James got his first ring. Blah, blah, blah. What was first on our minds as the final buzzer went off last night was whether or not the ladies of #TeamBJNBA were going to stay true to their word. After a little bit of partying Angelina Castro and Sarah Jay quickly put any worry to rest, letting us know that the BJ train is going to run according to schedule.

Details need to be ironed out, but don’t worry fellas, there will be BJs…lots of BJs. Tweets and twitpics from these two bombshells are below.

As we reported on Wednesday, Castro was already getting prepped for what is sure to be a long few days. Now that it’s official, we can all bask in the glory and witness these broads give out gifts to some of humanities most desperate men. After the game, Castro took to the streets for some last minute celebrations before the real fun begins for her and Sarah.

Castro really seems to be enjoying this new found attention she has been getting, but Sarah Jay really seems to be regretting this. She tweeted her frustrations along with some text messages she was receiving last night from fans eagerly anticipating their BJ. Will they really give out thousands of BJs? Will anybody show up? Would you ever take them up on their offer?

Keep up with BC over the next several days because we won’t leave you in the dark with how #TeamBJNBA performs down the stretch.

@SaraJayXXX | @AngelinaCastroX

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Here’s LeBron Rapping With LMFAO At Club LIV This Morning [VIDEO]

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 06:01 AM PDT

Let’s be honest here, LeBron James celebrating his first NBA title at Club LIV this morning with LMFAO is about as bad as it gets in the celebration category. There were no Ace of Spades bottles that we know of. No massive speeches from the King. No giant bar bills (more on that later this morning). Just LeBron rapping with the douchiest club group of the 21st century.

Nice shirt. When can we expect the first track from the album to drop?

Posted: Early this morning.

Premise of Video: LeBron and his talents stopped at Club LIV to check out the LMFAO set just for the Heat celebration. Blah, blah, blah.

Climax of Video: His grip on the mic?

Conclusion: No Ace of Spades bottle blasting fireworks? Horrible celebration for the Heat.

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Mike Vick Sends Congrats To LeBron & Doutzen Kroes In A Bikini [Daily Dump]

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 05:12 AM PDT

Chris Bosh Enjoyed Every Last Drop Of His Champagne Facial [Morning Twitpic]

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 04:39 AM PDT

Here is your Miami Herald front page this morning with its ‘Reign Begins’ headline. This might be the worst hometown A1 championship celebration design we’ve seen in multiple years. You’re only going four columns wide on LeBron’s first ring? Weak.

In other Heat news, LMFAO just happened to be in Miami for the celebration party at LIV. Yes, LeBron rapped with LMFAO. Yes, that will be a major story today. Yes, we’ll pile on.

Let’s get rolling!

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LeBron James Getting Congratulations From Terrelle Pryor Sums Up The 2012 NBA Finals

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 09:19 PM PDT

In case you were watching the College World Series and didn’t realize the Heat & Thunder played Game 5 tonight, word on the streets in Miami is that Bron Bron got his first ring via a blowout. Maybe you missed this tweet from Terrelle Pryor. It’s one that’ll warm the heart of anyone who has sports rooting interests in the Buckeye State. Sweet dreams, Ohio. See you in the morning.

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20 Best Photos Of BJ-Giving Cheerleader Coach Megan Crafton Twitpics!

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 02:48 PM PDT

BC broke the news earlier today that Indianapolis cheerleader coach Megan Crafton was involved in some serious sh*t. By serious sh*t we mean a 17 year old boys private parts. She admitted to giving the student a BJ in a parking lot and is now facing legal action. Knowing the repercussion the online community was about to send her way, Crafton acted swiftly and deleted her Twitter. Turns out she wasn’t quick enough as BC has secured some scandalous twitpics!

A BC tipster gave us the heads up and we jumped on the chance to scope out some dirt on this broad. We found 20 twitpics that reveal a few things.

  • The girl straight up LOVES making the duck face
  • Her and her fiance are potheads. He tweeted: “If I didn’t know any better I would think my girlfriend was a stoner @megcrafton #yeahmanweedisgood”
  • She has a kinky side
  • She also claimed on an Instagram photo about her fiance: "He has my whole heart. ❤"

He has your whole heart Megan, but apparently he doesn’t have your whole mouth. Read our full report on the incident here and stay tuned to BC for any updates to this developing story.

Have more pics of Megan we need to see? Someone also needs to bust through with a bikini shot. Send ‘em in.

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